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Philosophical discussion of creativity and related capacities, such as imagination, falls largely within the domain of aesthetics. Yet, it is clear that we find creativity very frequently outside the arts. Although the importance of creativity to science is acknowledged by philosophers of science, they have very rarely engaged with it. This however is changing as a result of a greater interest in the cognitive science of science itself and as certain assumptions that acted as a barrier to philosophers of science engaging with creativity have been rejected.   

This conference aims to promote a dialogue between philosophers of science and those in aesthetics working on creativity that will be revealing to both. We wish to highlight the importance of the study of creativity for the philosophy of science and to enable those philosophers of science who do acknowledge this to learn from what those in aesthetics have learned from their research. At the same time, we believe that philosophers in anchored in aesthetics will also learn from the exchange. By understanding more deeply how creativity is manifested in a rather different field, they may have reason to expand or revise their analyses of creativity and imagination.