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Workshop information

On 15 April 2019, the day preceding the two days of the conference, there will be a workshop for submitted papers by early careeer researchers.

Our speakers are:

  • Claire Anscomb (Kent) “Creative Agency and Co-Working in Art and Science” 
  • Lucy Barry (Warwick) “The Potential for Radical Novelty in Human Creation”
  • Caterina Moruzzi (Nottingham) “Generative Adversarial Networks as a Creative Model of Music Composition”
  • Jeremy Page (Uppsala) “Creativity, Understanding and Learning through Literature”
  • Julia Sánchez Dorado (UCL) “The Creative Similarity Account of Representation”
  • Sylvia Solakidi (Surrey) “Performance Philosophy Approach to ontological Aspects of Creativity”
  • Jens Ziska (Warburg Institute) “Artificial Creativity and Adversarial Networks”