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Speakers and Programme

at the conference 16-17 April 2019

  • Hanne Andersen (University of Copenhagen)  "Creativity and Innovation in Contemporary Science"                                          
  • Angela Breitenbach (University of Cambridge)   "Imagination in Aesthetic Experience and Scientific Understanding"
  • Noel Carroll (The Graduate Center CUNY)    "Avant-Garde Art and the Creative Process: A Gricean Account"                                                                     
  • Alison Hills (University of Oxford)  "Against Romanticism. On the Value and Disvalue of Creative Imagination in the Arts and Sciences"
  • Paul Hoyningen-Huene (Leibniz Universität Hannover)  "Marcel Duchamp, Creativity, and the 'Fountain'"
  • Matthew Kieran (University of Leeds) "Creativity, Procrastination and Courage"                                                                                           
  • Maria Kronfeldner (Central European University)  "On Academic Freedom as a Prerequisite for Scientific Creativity"
  • Elisabeth Schellekens (Uppsala University)  "Being Creative and Being Reflective: Making Contemporary Art"                                                                     
  • Dustin Stokes (University of Utah)  "Expertise, Skill, and Creativity"                                             
  • Michael Stuart (Université de Genève)  "What Can the Study of Imagination Tell Us About Creativity?"                                                                   
  • Paul Thagard (University of Waterloo)  "Procedural Creativity in Art and Science"